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Tools For Tomorrow





A portion of proceeds from La Quinta Art Celebration supports Tools For Tomorrow. We are excited about this important and meaningful partnership.  

Tools For Tomorrow provides free, after-school arts literacy programs integrating creative writing, art, music, and drama for children grades three through five in elementary schools throughout the Coachella Valley. The program is designed to supplement the children’s daily educational experience, nurture their creativity, enhance their self-esteem, build character, expand their intellectual and cultural horizons, providing a coping mechanism for the future, and a vision of what their lives can become.


Qualified teaching artists use professionally designed, child-friendly curriculum to introduce the “masters” and the fundamentals of each art discipline. The children are enabled to explore their own innate creative abilities through “hands-on” arts projects.


This year, TFT will serve 830 students in 16 programs at 14 schools, including two Theatre Troupe programs. Students will design and produce a theatrical production from sets and costumes to singing and performing in the play. Classes are held at their own school, after school. All supplies, musical instruments, and snacks are provided.


All TFT programs benefit the child, their families, their peers and the community with culminating art shows and performances. For more information on how you can help Tools For Tomorrow “Reach, Teach and Inspire Children Through the ARTS” Call 760 601-3954, email or check out our website at:

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